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Being overweight can greatly increase the risk of many serious medical conditions. At Greenwood Chiropractic Wellness Center in Chicago, IL, Dr. Tom Toulios offers weight loss programs aimed at helping patients lose excess weight while improving their overall health and wellness.

Weight Loss Q & A

by Tom Toulios, DC

What problems are associated with being overweight or obese?

Being overweight or obese has been linked with an array of chronic medical issues, including increased risks for heart disease, heart attack, stroke, chronic pain, arthritis, diabetes, depression, hormonal imbalances, dementia and even some cancers. But achieving optimal health is about more than losing excess weight; it's also about balancing nutrition and maintaining weight loss, even as the body changes with age. Because they focus on treating the whole patient, chiropractors can play an important role in helping patients understand the causes of weight problems so they can be effectively and appropriately addressed.

How can a chiropractor help me manage my weight?

At Greenwood Chiropractic Wellness Center, weight loss begins with an exam and evaluation to learn more about the patient's goals and overall health. Most patients benefit from routine chiropractic adjustments to optimize nerve pathways involved in transmitting hunger signals between the belly and the brain. Sometimes, irritation and inflammation can interfere with these pathways, increasing the sensations of hunger even after eating, which can make dieting very difficult. Chiropractic adjustments relieve nerve impingements and improve nerve transmission for better results. In addition, our staff offers nutritional guidance and support, including nutritional supplement recommendations to address specific deficiencies that can cause food cravings or slow down the metabolism. Finally, our skilled staff offers lifestyle guidance aimed at addressing each patient's unique needs so they can enjoy long-term results and better overall health.

What is Ideal Protein?

Ideal Protein products are nutritionally-balanced weight-loss products aimed at helping patients burn off more fat while promoting optimal health and wellness. When used in combination with regular chiropractic care and nutritional guidance, Ideal protein products can help patients lose more weight without compromising nutrition.

Does Greenwood Chiropractic Wellness Center offer pediatric weight loss and nutrition services?

Yes, our staff is trained in the special nutritional needs of children, and we can customize a program that promotes normal, healthy growth and development while helping children lose excess weight so they can enjoy better health during childhood and adulthood.

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