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It’s never to late to take control of your health. And, we’re here to help. “I’d like to help you get back to doing the things you love as soon as possible,” says South Side Chicago Chiropractor, Dr. Tom Toulios. “Shall we get started?”

Our goal is to find the underlying cause of your discomfort and get you out of pain, fast. So, give your body all that it needs to thrive with:

A South Side Chicago Chiropractor that Loves Helping Children

We love in helping toddlers and teens get a healthy start to life by building a strong foundation. We’re extra patient and caring and we take time to explain things to your children so they know what is healthy and why. We’ll give them the lightest form of care possible, which sometimes means just stretching to relieve pain and a few strengthening exercises.

Rest assured, we’ll treat your children like we treat our own. Learn more about our unique pediatric care right here at Greenwood Chiropractic.

We’re Here Because of You

We look forward to building a lasting bond with you, a partnership towards better health. We’ll spend all the time necessary to give you individual, customized care.

“Rather than getting overwhelmed and giving up, I’ll help you achieve success by starting small and steadily building toward achieving your health goals.”

Ready to team up and achieve your best health? Give us a call so we can get started.

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