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Ideal Protein in Mt. Greenwood is a proven, consistent method that has helped hundreds of patients achieve sensible weight loss and maintain their weight. At Greenwood Chiropractic Wellness Center we work to help people understand the cause of Weight gain, and implement Ideal Proteins proven methods to reduce and manage weight. Healthy You Weight Loss serves patients in Mount Greenwood, Evergreen Park, Beverly areas, and Greater Chicago, IL, area

How Does Ideal Protein Program in Mt. Greenwood Work?

When sugars are consumers, a person’s body does not work off of the preserved energy stored in fats but instead uses the energy coming from the sugar in their diet. Our protocol restricts sugar intake until a person’s ideal weight is achieved. The main principle of the Ideal Protein Protocol is to deplete the complex carbohydrate and sugar reserves, so that your body begins to burn the fat stored in your body for energy, rather than relying on a person’s unhealthy diet.

What are the Benefits of the Ideal Protein Program?

Being overweight or obese is a primary cause or contributing factor for a wide array of serious medical issues, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and osteoarthritis. Obesity also can have an effect on hormonal levels, resulting in sleep problems and moodiness. Plus, studies show those who are overweight are more likely to be less social and to have lower levels of self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as having a higher likelihood of being depressed. Losing weight helps combat all these issues, decreasing the strain on the heart and joints and helping prevent insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome that can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Losing excess weight also makes it easier to engage in physical activities and many social events as well as decreasing depression.

How Do You Make Sure I am Burning Fat and Not Muscle?

The type and quality of protein that a person directly affects how the body absorbs the protein. If the quality of protein is not high, then the body will not be able to sustain healthy levels of protein and will begin to burn away muscle in order to compensate. However, Ideal Protein consists only of high-quality protein. In addition, if your body gets used to burning the muscle for energy, then it will be much harder to keep the weight off once sugar and carbs are reintroduced into your diet.

Ideal protein also uses nutrient-rich supplements such as Natura Multi-Vita, Natura Calcium & Magnesium, and Natura Potassium, which are key ingredients used to build and create electrolytes. These supplements replace the food that a person would normally find in their diet but are restricted by Ideal protein.

How Soon Will I See Results?

That depends on the person’s commitment, the amount of weight they have to lose, the type of diet and exercise program they undertake, their underlying health issues and other factors. Most patients can expect to begin to see initial weight loss within a couple of weeks. It’s very important for patients to understand that losing weight with a medically supervised weight loss program is about learning to live a healthier lifestyle and achieving long-term results rather than a “quick fix” that eventually results in regaining the weight.


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