Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Hennigan is fantastic! I have no doubt that her care throughout my pregnancy played a crucial role in contributing to the incredible experience I had before and during the birth of my first child. In addition, the bodywork performed on my daughter for her tongue tie was truly impactful."

- Cassie S.

"The experience was awesome - I called with questions, the lady eased my mind by explaining how affordable the visit and treatment would be. Then the doctor was very thorough in explaining his assessment and assured me the process would be helpful. Great visit. Have already spread the word to friends."

- Craig B.

"Dr. Toulios, is extremely educated and spends time with you to understand your needs, your problems with pain and explains how he can help and what is the plan. Awesome doctor!"

- Oksana Y.

"Very honest and knowledgeable! The only chiropractor, I trust. Moved to Brookfield and still make the drive over there weekly. Refuse to see anybody else."

- Paul R.

"Nicole was above and beyond helpful. She got me an appointment to be seen less than 24 hours after we called and emailed all the paperwork to my wife so I could fill it out ahead of time. Dr. Hausch was easily able to see what my issues were and start helping me immediately."

- Robert R.

"I've been seeing Dr. Toulios since 1999 I'm always very pleased with him and his staff they go the extra mile and Tom cares about each patient's wellness. I will continue my services even after he retires cause I'll make him."

- Jason W.

"Dr. Hausch is very knowledgeable with what he does. He was very patient, thorough with explaining everything, and a great listener. I felt very comfortable. And his staff is all so helpful and nice. I was feeling so much better after my first 2 visits! I am thankful to have found this office."

- Jackie W.

Case Studies

Daily Debilitating Migraines: This patient suffered from migraines for 20 years. She came to accept the pain as part of her daily life until her mother suggested she visit a chiropractor to see what options were possible.

"Before seeking help, I would get migraines at least twice a day. Over-the-counter migraine relief pills were part of daily life for me.

I am a school teacher and so I just had to fight through the pain. But I couldn’t hide the pain I was in, even my young students at school would notice when I was getting a migraine and they’d say “it’s time to take your medicine!” I’d have one kid that would go and just bring me my bag, it was very cute.

On a recommendation from my mother, who was being treated here, I decided to see what help was possible. I wasn’t hopeful as this had been my life for 20+ years. Dr. Hausch was able to help. Due to how severe my pain was, my treatments were intense. My visits were three times a week for about three weeks. They then reduced to twice per week and they continue to be reduced the better I get.

Visiting this chiropractor clinic was a very different experience than a regular family doctor. Each member of the team knows who I am and what treatment I am here for. The doctor is very present during my treatment, he’s talking with me and explaining what is next. He’s not glued to his screen and treating me as a number he has to get through his day. The personal experience has made me feel very cared for.

I feel amazing. To have had only three headaches – not migraines – in the past seven weeks is a fantastic recovery for me. Dr. Hausch is very trustworthy. He will do as much as he can for you, he explains everything he will do and is very honest with you about what he can and can’t do to help heal your body.

I let negative rumors of chiropractic care influence my decision to never consider this type of treatment. Had I been more open-minded, perhaps I wouldn’t have had two decades of migraines!

I learned that many facets of my body have to work together in order to relieve pain. The muscles have to work well in order for the adjustments to work well – this is where stretches come into play for my healing. I continue my stretching “homework” between visits and it has made all the difference.

I no longer have to have my migraine pills with me everywhere I go because I don’t get migraines anymore!"

- Anonymous

Lower Back Pain: A school teacher with physical demands at work tweaked her back due to heavy lifting. Ignoring the pain to push through with her daily work, the pain became too much. It negatively affected how she performed at her job, how well she slept at night, and her daily life.

"It may be silly to say this, but I wasn’t injured because of some athletic endeavor or because I was the victim of a car accident. I simply moved a heavy box the wrong way one day and it resulted in serious pain that I couldn’t get relief from.

The delay in seeking treatment was only due to the rest of my life being so busy. I work at two different schools and am on the move through the week. There wasn’t the time to see a medical professional until the pain-affected the rest of my life, including my daily mood.

I was nervous to see the chiropractor as I hadn’t been to one before. It did take a little while for the adjustments to take hold and for me to feel continuous relief.

I was never an athlete so was not aware of how much stretching helps the body. There were a lot of educational aspects to my treatment which I really appreciated. It was key for me to learn how many things in the body are connected to each other and affect each other. By learning this I felt like I could take an active role in my recovery.

Besides the back pain going away, the mental anxiety went away as well. Just knowing I won’t be in pain, that I can have a good night’s sleep, that I won’t toss and turn all night due to the pain, is a huge relief.

Get the help as soon as you are hurt. The sooner you get help, the sooner you’ll feel the relief

Everyone in the office is friendly, glad to see you, and happy to help. They are really welcoming and take the time to explain everything to you so that you are comfortable with every step of the treatment.

Through my treatment, they identified some posture issues I had. They have helped me work through those and strengthen my back so that I am no longer in pain, and I have a stronger back now too. I feel wonderful."

- Anonymous

Recurring Back Pain: This patient sought chiropractic treatment immediately after her car accident, but didn’t keep up with the maintenance exercises because life just got too busy. As a result, the pain returned worse than it was before.

"Before returning for chiropractic care, running was becoming more painful. I was able to run every day, but not outside, I had to run only on a treadmill.

During my daily routine, I took every opportunity to stretch just to keep the pain away. I would stretch before and after running. In my kitchen, the countertop is the right height of where my back pain is, so I lean against the counter to find relief. I’ll stand there checking email, actually any chance I could get I would stretch there. I didn’t stop exercising because I know it is important to keep moving, but my pain just got too severe.

I knew from past experience that seeing a chiropractor helped take the pain away and helped me to feel better. I had been ignoring myself for too long. I think as a parent sometimes self-care is hard to prioritize, which was my reason for stopping treatment all those years ago. Life just gets in the way – but you can’t have a good life if you are constantly in pain.

Currently, I am seeing Dr. Toulios about once a week. I am also doing the daily exercises he’s given me between my visits. I started out with a very stiff back, but the stretching and the treatments have made a big difference in how I feel and have reduced my pain.

My first impression of Greenwood was very positive, I’d describe their atmosphere as welcoming and therapeutic.

I feel really good. In between treatments I do stretches in the morning and in the afternoon. I understand now how much I really have a part to play in my recovery. Now knowing what to do and how to help myself heal I am in such a good physical position, and mentally I am much more positive as I am pain-free.

Just from the few stretches, I’ve been taught, I am able to prevent myself from being in excruciating pain.

I referred my sister and my dad to this clinic for their pain. My sister was having back pain from running and my dad had hurt his neck. Dr. Toulios treats them too. He knows our family and can now treat us all accordingly.

The staff, Dr. Toulios, the atmosphere, my progress, it has all be a very positive experience. They are helpful, they accommodate your lifestyle and other demands and strive to provide the best treatment plan that works for you. I feel good. I am pain-free."

- Anonymous


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