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Chiropractor Mt. Greenwood IL Tom Toulios With Team
Chiropractor Mt. Greenwood IL Tom Toulios


Tom Toulios D.C.

Dr. Tom, D.C., is a compassionate, skilled chiropractor providing care for patients in and around the Mount Greenwood, Beverly, Oak Lawn, and Chicago, IL areas. 

At Greenwood Chiropractic Wellness Center on Chicago’s South Side, Dr. Toulios uses the most advanced approaches to provide patient-centered care aimed at addressing common and complex issues. Including back pain relief, shoulder pain treatment, hip pain relief, headache treatment, neck pain relief, treatment of sciatic nerve pain, and weight loss. In addition, he has extensive experience in complete chiropractic care and postural correction for children and adults, as well as rehabilitation services for adult and school-age athletes.

Dr. Toulios received his doctorate degree from Life University and has well over a decade of experience providing care and treatment for patients of all ages. As a top-ranked chiropractor, Dr. Toulios is dedicated to providing care that’s focused on the needs of the whole patient, using special techniques to determine the underlying source of pain and other symptoms so patients can enjoy better health and more comfortable life. When not caring for patients, Dr. Toulios participates in continuing education activities to advance his knowledge and skills and also enjoys spending time with his wife and children. Greenwood Chiropractic Wellness Center welcomes new patients and accepts most major medical insurance plans.

Chiropractor Mt. Greenwood IL Michael Hausch


Michael Hausch D.C.

About twenty years ago, something happened that changed my life forever. Chiropractic worked so well for me that I decided to go to chiropractic school. I went to Palmer College of Chiropractic to earn my Doctor of Chiropractic degree. 

After chiropractic made such a huge positive change in my life, I knew that I wanted to help people achieve better health and get out of pain with chiropractic care. I completed my chiropractic education at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA in 1994.

I was amazed to learn about how the nervous system is directly linked to every organ and tissue in your body. I learned how injuries and misalignment of the spine can pinch or interfere with normal nervous system function. These misalignments can cause pain, affect your ability to fight infection and disease, and even cause problems with your internal organs. It all made perfect sense to me that my neck injury had been the source of my headaches, sore throats, strep infections, and sinus problems.

My chiropractic education completely changed the way I viewed health. I realized the body heals itself, and no medication can replace the human body's natural ability to heal.

I personally continue to get regular chiropractic adjustments as part of my healthy lifestyle. I exercise regularly and maintain a good diet and I recommend that many patients do too. I firmly believe that anyone that is giving you advice about your health should practice what they preach.

Chiropractor MT. Greenwood IL Dino O'Mara


Dino O'Mara D.C.

Dr. Dino O'Mara was born in the Southside of Chicago and raised in a family of 2 children in the southern suburbs of Chicago. After graduating Illinois State University with Majors in biological science and chemistry, Dr. O'Mara attended National University of Health Sciences for his Doctor of Chiropractic education.

From a young age, Dr. O'Mara always knew he wanted to be a doctor and care for people. At the age of 15 years old, Dr. O'Mara suffered from an unprecedented medical disease known as transverse myelitis. This particular disease is very rare and affects 1 in 10 million people. This disease left Dr. O'Mara paralyzed from the waist down. This did not deter Dr. O'Mara as he persevered through difficulty. After months of rehab, physical therapy and extensive care, Dr. O'Mara relearned how to crawl, walk, and eventually regain his mobility. After overcoming adversity, Dr. O'Mara was left to deal with the aftermath of transverse myelitis (paralyzed from the waist down.) This left Dr. O'Mara with a weaker leg through the muscular atrophy of the disease, an uneven gait and back problems. Dr. O'Mara sought out chiropractic treatment throughout his recovery and was astonished at the benefits and speedy progress that was obtained. Dr. O'Mara was determined to bring the benefits of Chiropractic medicine to his patient base and raise awareness for Chiropractic care in his community.

Chiropractor Mt. Greenwood IL Brittany Hennigan Meet The Team

Chiropractor, Perinatal Certified, Webster Technique Certified (pregnancy & pediatric)

Brittany Hennigan D.C.

Dr. Brittany Hennigan is a local to the Mt. Greenwood area and has lived here her whole life. She has been interested in chiropractic care since suffering a sports injury as a child. 

After receiving treatment from a chiropractor, she realized a passion for chiropractic care and the benefits for overall health and wellbeing. She decided to pursue a career as a chiropractor as a result. Dr. Hennigan went to Illinois State University and graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors's Degree in Kinesiology. After her undergraduate education, she attended the National University of Health Sciences and received her doctorate in 2016.

While in Chiropractic school, Dr. Hennigan obtained her certification in Acupuncture and after graduation, she broadened her certifications to include Webster Technique and BirthFit. She has taken hundreds of hours of post-graduate work focusing on pre-natal, post-natal, pediatrics, and McKenzie Technique. She loves to witness the benefits her patients receive from chiropractic treatment.

Dr. Hennigan also enjoys treating conditions such as headache, stress, anxiety, women’s health issues, low back pain, chronic pain, pediatric chiropractic care, and pregnancy-related aches and pains.

Chiropractor Chicago IL Ryan Bielecki Meet Team Photo


Ryan Bielecki D.C.

Dr. Bielecki is a south side native who found his passion for the chiropractic profession after years of lingering, chronic sports injuries. Previously a patient at Greenwood Chiropractic, Dr. Bielecki works diligently to give back to the community by taking a holistic approach to your health. He is comfortable treating a wide variety of physical ailments, including neck pain, low back pain, sports injuries, pediatric ailments, arm and leg pain, vertigo, and much more!


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